Calculate Income Tax Liability for the 2015 - 2016 Tax Season

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Calculate Income Tax

How do I calculate my income tax liability online for free?

It's a question that's asked thousands of times every year. The answer it quite simple, and so is the quick tax calculation process.

Just click on the tax calculator links below or, use our simple tax calculation tool by selecting your filing status and tax year, then enter your tax year income to calculate taxes owed or, refund amount.

Calculators require no personal identification information, Try One!

Calculate Income Tax Refund FREE with TurboTax

Calculate Income Tax Refund FREE with H&R Block

The calculator below shows you how to Calculate Income Tax Return obligations for simple returns. If you have deductions and exemptions, use the TurboTax or H&R Block calculators to calculate tax liability with all deductions factored in.

Calculate Income Tax Return Refund

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Important Note: To include Deductions, use TurboTax or H&R Block Calculators

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Calculate Income Tax Brackets and Rates

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Calculating your income tax has never been easier than it is today. These simple to use calculation tools allow you to calculate federal income tax liabilities in just minutes. You can also calculate income tax rate and brackets with our calculation tool. However, if your wanting to take advantage of deductions and don't have your net income tax amount, use the tax software calculator links above.

Once you've completed the process of estimating your taxes, it's time to select a tax software program to prepare and file your return online.

Today's choices are abundant but, not all software brands are created equal. In fact, some online tax preparation programs can be down right cumbersome and confusing to use. Fortunately two brands stick out heads and tails above the rest.

TurboTax and HR Block are the consumer choice favorites as the boast intuitive fully guided tax preparation.

It's stressful enough when you calculate income tax data only to find out that you owe more taxes. The last thing you need is cumbersome tax preparation software to add to that discomfort.

Take the weight off your shoulders by selecting quality top rated programs to file your return, you'll be glad you did when you see how easy they are to use.

Top rated tax software will calculate tax liability with all deductions and tax credits that you can qualify for figured into your tax return to insure you the biggest refund possible. Our Advice: use the best, leave the stress to someone else...







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