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H&R Block 2018 - 2019 Online Tax Preparation Software

No matter what your financial situation looks like, H&R Block has a version of their tax software that will likely fit your needs. This tax software creates a great do it yourself branch from their network of tax preparation professionals because of the expertise they gain from nation wide employees.

H&R Block Online Tax Return SoftwareFree: This free edition gives step by step guidance to completing basic tax returns. This version will not prepare returns containing self employment, stock transactions, rental property, farm or K1 income.

Basic: The basic version gives you everything the free version offers but helps double check for errors and guarantees to calculate income taxes accurately. Plus import capabilities.

Deluxe: This version includes everything that the basic version offers plus personalized tax guidance to maximize deductions for mortgage interest, medical and education benefits and charitable deductions. It handles the sale of investments, and provides audit support from a tax professional.

Premium: This edition includes everything the Deluxe version offers plus, it offers live tax advice, schedule C guidance, tax laws and planning resources, rental income assistance, and advanced tax calculators for investments.

Home + Business: This package includes the best of both personal and business software.

H&R Block 2018 - 2019 comes from a history that has been in business since 1955 and has been the largest tax preparation company in the country. Over the past few years this tax software has become one of the most popular choices for consumers.

Additional HR Block Online Perks

  • Pulls in prior basic information from previous returns so you don’t have to enter it again. It will also run checks against prior years information to look for possible mistakes.
  • Paid versions offer free audit support, which is typically an additional fee offered by other companies (like TurboTax).
  • Easy to understand tax questions make it easier for the average individual to be able to complete their tax return while knowing little about taxes. They cover all the bases in order to maximize the deductions you can receive.
  • Live help from a tax professional is included with the premium version, which is a perk that is not offered by other tax preparation software companies.
  • Work as you have time, you can save your data and come back whenever to pick up where you left off. Your return is always ready for work when you are.

For myself, I found this line of online products a big plus in my personal filing over the last several years. It's a really great brand of online tax preparation software editions that are set up to cater to anybodies needs regardless of their special filing conditions.

If you are in the market for the right online tax software, you can’t go wrong with H&R Block. The only other tax software that I would recommended is TurboTax, which is very similar and there really is no clear winner between these two.

With many decades of experience throughout the country and in every neighborhood, HR Block has been professionally helping tax filers get the deductions they need to lower their tax bill. Online edition are used over the internet and all documentation is stored safe and secure online while it is being completed.

H&R Block 2018 - 2019 Online Wealth Of Knowledge

HRBlock draws their tax software knowledge from all their professionals stationed around the country. With this kind of expertise built into their online products you can rest assured that these tax software editions are easily one of the best choices you can make this year for your return.

No need for fear, try H&R Block At Home Online Editions for tax return preparation this year and see for yourself how easy it is to make tax time a simple process. their fully guided format is sure to make you a returning self filer every year.

H&R Block Online Tax Preparation Software

Try it today and see for yourself what an easy experience it is to file your own return.

Online Tax Return Preparation and Filing Software

Online tax preparation has become the big boom in tax filing formats as more and more tax filers continue to filter into the online income tax filing arena.

Over the last couple decades this online format has been increasing it's users, or should I say multiplying every year.

The options between online tax return software and downloadable software is minimal but, with different advantages.

The big deal here is that with the online versions there's no software to install and screw up the way your computer runs. At the same time, with online preparation you have to have internet access to work on your return, file a IRS tax extension and more.

Working online is a great choice since you can work from any computer anywhere you have internet access. Start at home and finish at the office, if the boss lets you get away with that...

When I first considered filing my taxes online, I was quite a bit nervous about how complicated it might be, and I was also concerned about the security of my personal identity information. If you have some of these same concerns yourself then, here are a few thoughts that may help you ease your fears a bit.

Online Tax Return Software is Safe, Secure

While your shopping around for the best online tax preparation software for your filing needs, you'll want to make sure that the company you choose has top notch encryption and a fire wall.

H&R Block Online Tax Return SoftwareMost online tax preparation brands these days have secure sites especially if your choosing top choices like TurboTax or H&R Block. Online software developers like these generally use the same encryption that banks use for secure connections and protection. Think about it, if a bank trusts the security shield, it's got to be real secure.

Want to file your federal income tax return online with a different brand? Now it's even easier than ever, TurboTax Online tax preparation has their software available on the market today as the #1 selling online tax preparation products. They continue to lead the way in sales volume and customer satisfaction every year.

Some of the TurboTax Features Include:

  • Income and financial importing tools help speed up and simplify the process
  • Free Income tax calculator let's you estimate your tax liability ahead of time
  • Pop-up text boxes give you tax tips and alert you of deduction opportunities
  • Step-by-step guidance is easy to follow and very intuitive
  • Icons and plain English language make understanding the preparation process much easier.

Accurate Math Calculations

If your like me and math isn’t your favorite subject, you have nothing to worry about. Turbo Tax  guarantees the accuracy of your tax return calculations.

Limiting Audit Concerns

TurboTax scans your tax return with a fine tooth comb to look for red flags that may trigger an audit. It then alerts you to these issues so you can go back and make changes.

Try TurboTax today and see how easy tax prep can be.

TurboTax was founded in 1983 in Palo Alto, California, and today it is part of the Intuit corporations holdings.

Intuit makes the personal finance programs like TurboTax to file your tax return electronically and Quicken finance software as well as it's Canadian counterpart, TurboTax Canada, plus business accounting program QuickBooks, and QuickBooks Point of Sale solution for small retailers, professional tax solutions ProSeries and Lacerte, and the Web-based corporate workgroup productivity solution QuickBase.