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Estimate your taxes with our federal tax return refund calculator to determine your tax liability or refund amount for year end tax filing. This quick and easy process requires no personal information so you can calculate what your tax obligation is anonymously. TurboTax and  H&R Block Tax Return Refund Calculators

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Federal Tax Return Refund Calculator

If you're wondering how much your tax refund will be, or how much you're going to owe our old pal Uncle Sam, then you've come to the right place. With online federal income tax refund calculator scripts you can get a quick estimate of what your obligations are for filing your year end taxes..

To calculate your tax return refund from your net income you can use our calculators above but, if you need to add in deductions to get your net income, it's wise to use a top rated tax calculator program from tax software developers like TurboTax and H&R Block.

H&R Block Online Tax Return SoftwareWith these programs you will be asked general tax filing questions such as marital status, income, and deductions. As you enter your income and deduction information your federal taxes are calculated to determine what financial liability you have for year end filing, or better yet, to calculate tax refund amount.

This is the best method I have found for estimating my taxes in advance every year. This in turn gets me off the wonder truck of worrying about what I might owe and into the fast lane of focusing on how to fulfill my tax return financial obligations.

This year, when you're getting ready to start filing your Federal taxes, think about using an online tax return refund calculator to figure out your tax refund, or money owed ahead of time. You'll like seeing your refund amount being displayed as you complete the process, plus, you might even be alerted to several tax deductions you may have missed in the past, which means more tax savings for you! It's easy to keep more money when your taking advantage of every deduction.

Calculate Tax Return RefundBy calculating your tax return ahead of time you can reduce the tax season stress by removing the uncertainty of what your tax liability is and focus on meeting those obligations.

Your tax bracket is determined by the amount of taxable income you earned during the tax year minus any deductions. Your income tax rate is a variable calculation component that adjusts based on each portion of income falling within each income tax bracket as values go up.

Using the tax return refund calculators only takes a few minutes and I assure you it will be worth the effort. You will know the value of this as soon you see how easy the tax return calculator handles the estimating process. All you have to do is enter your income, filing status and deductions to get a free tax return calculation.

TurboTax Online Tax Return Software

Calculate Your Federal Tax Return Refund in Advance with an Online Tax Return Calculator

Consider using one of the free online tax refund calculators provided by HR Block or TurboTax. Not only are  these tax return calculators free, but you can use them at any time of the day or night. Depending on your situation, you can calculate your tax return estimate in about 10 minutes or less.

Next time you sit down to work on your tax return, check out online tax preparation and filing websites like Turbo Tax and HR Block to see how tax software can make the filing process easier than ever. You'll find the tax preparation and estimating software products to be great tools for increasing your tax refund amount by increasing tax deductions. This will also increase your tax knowledge for saving money next tax season.